Euro Asia Translations Ltd translates all your private and business correspondences, trade and legal documents, brochures, advertising, catalogues, contracts, technical manuals to and from major Asian and European languages. We also provide Interpreting, Typing, Proof-Reading and other linguistic services.

With our top-quality professional translation, our priority is to satisfy client’s requirement. All translation work will be performed in an efficient manner to ensure that deadlines are met.

We understand that it is imperative that you are confident in the translations supplied and our aim is to ensure that the work returned is of the utmost quality. It is with this in mind that our top ranking native professional translators (who only translate into their mother tongue)are of the highest caliber and are tested on a regular basis. Our translations combine technical accuracy with commercial style and excellent presentation all at very competitive rates. Completed translations can be delivered via e-mail in a variety of software applications for both PC and Macintosh platforms.

Euro Asia Translations Ltd is proud to work for many of the most prestigious companies/organisations such as Canon, Philips, Louis Vuitton, Tayler Nelson Sofres, INSEAD, Thomson Audio and RCA, etc in the world. Many of our clients require strict security. With Euro Asia Translations Ltd, you can be assured of complete nondisclosure, because we understand and respect client’s confidentiality and security concerns regarding copyrights and other intellectual property rights.
* Support Chinese and English PC / Mac platforms
* Completed assignment can be available in various word processing format such as MS Word, Word Perfect, RTF, Text, PDF and others.
* Direct support to MS Word File in Thai, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Greek and other languages.

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